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Repairs and Installation: 5 Common Hot Water Heater Problems

By April 14, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

Hot water heaters are usually very expensive. On top of that, repairs and installations may also be costly, should your heater develop serious problems. Just like every other appliance, the hot water heaters will still be faced with a myriad of problems and it is important to know some of these issues so that whenever they occur, you can easily identify them and call appliance repair experts for an immediate solution.

Listed below are the common hot water heater problems you will have to deal with at some point during the lifetime of your hot water heater:

Water leak at the bottom                                                        

Most of the time, the dampness is caused by normal condensation and it may not amount to much, especially if the unit has not been used for a long time. However, in some unfortunate instances, the source of the leak could be the actual tank and the real solution in such a case would be to replace the entire hot water heater.

Water takes long to reheat

This is a common problem with electric water heaters. This is because the recovery time of an electric water heater is almost twice the recovery time of gas water heaters. If you notice that the water is taking longer than normal, sometimes this is caused by a problem with the heating elements. In this case, call your best appliance repair experts to offer the necessary repairs.

Water leaks at the top

Several things can make water leak from the top of your hot water heater. The most common ones include problems with the cold water inlet or the hot water outlet pipes. Failed T & P valve could also make water leak from the top of the heater. These problems are minor and you can always stop the leaks on your own, but should you fail to do so, never hesitate to call your local appliance repair experts to fix them for you.

No hot water

This is one of the tougher problems you will encounter with your hot water heater and it is directly related to the core functioning of the water heater. The main culprit for water not heating up is when the circuit breaker has tripped. Secondly, the water may fail to get hot when certain heating elements such as the thermostat are not working properly. Since this may be a bit technical to deal with for many people, the recommended solution is to get in touch with a professional hot water heater technician to inspect, locate and fix the problems.

The water is too hot

If the water is overly too hot, then this points to a problem with the thermostat. Either the settings are too high or it has just simply malfunctioned and can’t regulate the temperature properly. You may have to seek the services of appliance repair experts to fix it or possibly replace it if that is deemed necessary.

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