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Appliance Repair: Common Boiler Issues worth Knowing About

By April 6, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

Appliance repair is generally expensive and inconvenient, and by some sort of coincidence, most appliances are poorly maintained and only serviced following years of negligence when the situation has become critical. As much as there are certain boiler problems that can be addressed without the need to call appliance repair technicians, there are some that are extremely technical in nature. In these circumstances, you will be glad that you called upon a qualified professional if you don’t want to risk the life of the boiler as well as yours.

From drips and leaks to weird noises, boilers are prone to a variety of issues, and here is a brief summary regarding the most common ones:

No hot water or heat in the boiler

A number of things can be responsible for the lack of heat or hot water in the boiler with the usual culprits being:

  • failure of the motorized valves
  • low level of water
  • problems with the thermostat
  • a broken diaphragm and airlocks.

If the boiler is not working, then you should start by checking the thermostat or the boiler pressure. If you suspect that the problem has been occasioned by a broken diaphragm, then a replacement will be necessary and only qualified appliance repair technicians can do this. Be sure to call them in good time.

Boiler leaking or dripping

For leak and water drips from the boiler, you need to determine the exact point where the leak or the drip is taking place. However, never attempt to fix the leak on your own. The likely causes of leaks and drips are broken internal components such as pressure and seal valves. If the leak is from the pressure valve, this is an indication that the boiler pressure is too high and reducing it will be highly recommended. Of course, you can’t do that on your own, and you will have to call qualified technicians to have a look at it.

Strange gurgling, whistling or banging noises

Such strange noises are common occurrences in the boilers, but they should never be taken lightly. Sometimes they are due to low water pressure and at other times, they could be an indication of imminent pump failure, especially if you are using an older unit. Depending on the type of noise being produced, you should be able to tell the actual cause, but if you are unable to do this, then you should call the experts to have a look at it.

Boiler losing pressure

If the boiler’s pressure gauge is below 1, then this is an indication of a problem with the pressure components. Either the pressure release valve needs to be replaced or there is water leak in the system. You should check the unit to see if you can notice visible leaks and locate them, but if that is not possible, then the best thing to do would be to call your appliance repair technicians for the right fix.

Boiler switching itself off

There could be several reasons for this, including a problem with the thermostat, poor water flow due to closed valves, low water pressure, or failure of the pump to circulate water in the entire system. Whatever the reason, you should call a qualified technician to have a look at it.

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