Being aware of the regular issues that require a dryer repair can help you prevent them from occurring. Several years of experience in home appliances repair in Montreal have enabled Service Servotech to identify the regular problems that lead to dryer repair. We now share this knowledge with you so that you better identify them in order to prevent them.

A clogged lint filter

Many other problems can result from this one issue. For instance, it can hinder the performance of the dryer or provoc overheating. This can go as far as causing damage to the appliance. You’ll therefore need to contact a technician for dryer repair. To prevent this problem, all you need to do is to clean the filter weekly.

A problem with the circuit breaker

If your dryer doesn’t function well, doesn’t heat or doesn’t even turn on, the problem might originate from the circuit breaker or fuses of the electrical input. Taking some time to check them can solve your problem within minutes. If not, the problem is with the machine itself. Thus, you should contact a technician for help.

Clogged air outlet pipe

A clogged air outlet pipe can cause the dryer to catch fire. The more the pipe is clogged, the less efficient the dryer is. It also works the other way around. As soon as you notice a loss of performance with your dryer or an overheating, contact a technician for maintenance. The air outlet pipe from outside could also be responsible for the problem.

An empty propane storage tank

Simply checking the storage tank can indicate whether its emptiness is responsible for your dryer’s loss in performance. All you’ll have to do is to provide yourself with residential propane for your appliance. Otherwise, there might simply be a service interruption from your supplier.

In any case, Service Servotech will always be there to help you with home appliances repair in Montreal. Inform yourself about our services concerning dryer repair and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem. We are happy to provide useful suggestions to you via our website.

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