Some appliance breakdowns at home can generally be avoided, thus saving owners from spending money on appliance repair services. Below are some of the common breakdowns and what you need to do in order to avert them in good time:

Washer bearing failure in washing machines

The washer bearings can fail in both front load and top load machines and the solution to prevent this is very simple – use the right detergent in limited proportions. Detergents used today are more effective than their predecessors. Using them in small amounts will still give you clean clothes, while at the same time prolonging the life of your washing machine.

Damages hoses, pumps, and tubs on washer

This is another common problem for which appliance owners like calling for appliance repair services on a regular basis. To prevent the tubs, pumps and hoses on the washer from constantly being damaged, ensure that you don’t load clothes on the washer with foreign objects in their pockets. Items such as coins, pens, wallets etc will not just damage the machine, but also are likely to damage the clothes.

The refrigerator not cooling

When the refrigerator is not cooling, you should consider cleaning the condenser as prescribed by the manufacturer. The refrigerator cools by absorbing the heat inside the box and from the stored items, then expelling the heat to the environment. If the condenser is dirty, it will not be able to expel the heat and the result will be that the unit will not be cooling.

Dish washer not draining water

Solid food materials have the ability to clog the washer and stop it from working normally. In addition to causing the blockage, the food particles will also cause a terrible smell once they accumulate. The only way to avoid this is to ensure that dishes are free from solid residues before loading onto the machine.

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