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Top Tips How to Avoid Common Appliance Repair at Home

By December 18, 2016October 19th, 2020No Comments

Constant appliance breakdowns will not just cost you a lot of money with the appliance repair costs, but also will cause a lot of inconveniences to you at home. Unknown to many people, most of the appliance breakdowns can be avoided if proper care and maintenance is ensured, and presented here are a few tips to help you avoid common appliance repair at home, save you a lot of money and inconveniences in the process-:

Clean the refrigerator coils

The refrigerator coils are located on the back of the unit and they are responsible for dissipating the heat from the refrigerator. Over time, the coils can gather dust and other debris, which will reduce their efficiency, leading to wastage of energy. Worse still, dirty coils will make the compressor and condenser fans to run longer and hotter and this might lead to other costly complications. But all these can be avoided by cleaning the coils on a regular basis.

Keep all air vents open

The other tip to avoid constant appliance repair is to ensure that the air vents in all appliances with vents are kept open at all times. In the refrigerator, blocked air vents will affect the cooling system and this will have a direct impact on components such as the fan and the compressors. The ensuing damage could be very costly to repair and the best solution is to ensure that all the air vents are kept open and all times.

Don’t overload the dryer or the washer

Most of the washer repair and dryer repair issues are occasioned by overloading the machines. You may think that you are saving time by doing so, but by going past the manufacturer’s recommended loads, you will be causing more problems to the machines. For instance, you may fry the drive belts or burn out the rear bearing or motor, and these will be very expensive to repair.

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