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Washer Repair

The Best Way to Fix Your Washer

By November 11, 2016October 19th, 2020No Comments

You get into your laundry room only to find that there is a water leak coming from your washer. Do not panic, take the time to read these steps that will help you know what to do.

The time of the water leak

Determine when is it that the leak has occurred. If this happens during the spin cycle, the problem could be at the level of the drain pipe. At this point it would look if the connections are tight. If you notice that the hose is damaged, you will need to install a new one. A repair can easily be done yourself.

Checking pipes

Locate the pipes, which supply to and drain water from the machine. Should there be water near the fittings, pay special attention to the pipe clamps. If they are tight, check that the outlet hose is not folded. If so, this could prevent water from circulating. Also, check the input filters, just to see if there is anything that obstructs the flow of water.

The balance

Did you move your washer recently? A small tilt can have a significant influence as to cause a leak. Make sure it is properly balanced.


A detergent build-up could cause malfunctions. Check the seal to see if it is damaged, and replace if necessary.


We may often forget to hold back on the soap, thinking that the more one adds, the cleaner the result. Observe the limit as indicated in the soap compartment. It is useless to insert a large amount. If you have been adding too much, remove excess detergent.

If you notice that the leak problem persists after all your current attempts, you should think consider the second option: Call a professional who can assess the situation more accurately, and determine the exact source of the problem.

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