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Service Servotech wants to do their best when repairing your washer, and it starts with taking certain precautions. Here are some tips to take every day or every month to take care of your appliances, to the best of your abilties, and to avoid having to repair your washer for as long as possible.

During your daily use, do not overload the washer that you use to wash your clothes. As soon as you have enough for a load, without accumulation. This will prevent excess weight from causing an imbalance, resulting in costly washer repair. Do not go overboard with the detergent, taking care to measure quantities. Wash all spills immediately to prevent the synthetic enamel or porcelain from getting damaged when in prolonged contact with abrasive cleaners, bleaches, ammonia and solvents. Otherwise, just avoid requiring washer repair too soon as there are some things that are not covered by a warranty. It is important to wash your appliances once per month in order to identify residues and prevent the filter and pipes from clogging. You can also leave the door open to allow the interior to dry and limit mold growth. If you want to not only avoid damaging your washer, but also prevent water damage in the house, be careful with the rubber hose from the washer, which is not designed for constant pressure over time. In addition, remember to inspect them every 10 years, and contact a professional washer repair professional when signs of deterioration appear, making sure to replace them with reinforced hoses of stronger braided steel. When moving a washer, above all, it is important to empty the pipes and valves, to keep them plugged, to prevent leaking, and to wrap them with tape to prevent damage and from getting blocked up. In winter, you can also put antifreeze in the basket and run the washer in rinse mode and spin so that the antifreeze is mixed with water, cleaning it later by running the washer normally. Then drain the water lines and pipes before reconnecting the washer. To avoid not only washer repair, but also electric shock, make sure your appliance is plugged into a three prong rounded output without an adapter, extension cord or power strip.

Service Servotech ensures not only that you can enjoy the best possible washer repair, but also that you will take the necessary precautions to avoid it. Feel free to inquire about our rates and contact us now if you need our help. By following these tips, you can ensure that your appliances will function optimally, and for many years to come.

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