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Dryer Repair

How to Prevent Dryer Repair

By August 11, 2016January 25th, 2021No Comments

Service Servotech offers more than just the best dryer repair, but also many tips regarding prevention. Your dryer takes good care of you by allowing you to have clean, warm and comfortable clothes. This is why it is important to make up for it by taking the necessary precautions to keep it in good condition, and thus avoid having to resort to repairing your dryer. Here are some tips that you can implement daily or monthly, enabling you to save in terms of time and money.

When installing the dryer, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the risk of requiring dryer repair, but also the risk of fire which could cause a lot more damage. The vent pipe should be positioned as straight as possible to minimize lint that accumulates inside and outside. Also remember to make sure that the air intake is sufficient to operate your appliance if it is placed in a closed area. To properly maintain your dryer, clean the outer pipe to remove the lint towards the exit. Check once a month that the valve opens to the outside when you use the dryer to confirm that the exhaust duct is working. If you come in a day to have to call a professional to repair the dryer, ask him to take the time to also replace the plastic or vinyl hose with a flexible metal hose, and that will be more effective and safe. The outer pipe of the dryer can also be blocked by a bird that has decided to set up its nest, which you can then remove and replace with a plastic owl to intimidate them. To avoid any incident requiring more than just dryer repair, remember to avoid leaving the dryer on if you are asleep or leave the house, and install a carbon monoxide detector near your appliances if they use gas or propane. Some products are avoided when using a dryer, such as oil-soaked fabrics, chemicals, or gasoline, or those made of rubber, even if they have been in the washer, as they are always flammable. Otherwise, if the dryer is not always necessary, consider being old fashioned and using your clothesline, which can be an environmentally friendly solution that saves energy, while simultaneously avoiding bad habits. It is also possible to start drying outside on the rope, for the aroma, and to finish drying in the machine for the softness, in order to get the best of both worlds. In any case, if your appliance does in fact become damaged, it is important to seek professional help repairing the dryer before the problem gets worse, in order to achieve better results while saving time and money.

Service Servotech, provides the best dryer repair service, but it’s even better if you do not have a disaster when you are calling us so feel free to call us for a checkup, maintenance, or tips over the phone. Checkout our affordable rates and contact us whenever you need help. We are happy to serve you on the island of Montreal, Laval, the West Island, and surrounding areas.

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