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Bosch dishwashers are some of the best dishwasher brands you will find in the market today. They are reputed for their sleek looks, longevity, ease of use, and great quality.

If you have one in your kitchen, then you will agree that buy it was one of the best investment decisions you ever made. However, just like with other types of home appliances, there are certain times that you may run into trouble with your dishwashing unit. In as much as you may not want to encounter such troubles, sometimes they are imminent.

And, when you encounter them, you need to always call a qualified Bosch dishwasher repair technician to come and help you find a solution to the problem. Described below are some of the common problems you are likely to run into when using a Bosch dishwasher.

The dishwasher doesn’t turn on

This is a problem that you will encounter not just with Bosch brands, but nearly all dishwasher brands. It is always frustrating to try to use your machine only for you to realize that it is not turning on.

There could be a gazillion reasons for this, but when you are using the Bosch brand, some of the potential reasons for this include weak contacts at the multimeter, problems with the power cables and sockets, and potential issues with the control module. If you are faced with this kind of problem, be sure to get in touch with a qualified Bosch dishwasher repair man so that they can help you get your machine back on track again.

Machine launching, but doesn’t start the cycles

There are those times when your washing machine will turn on just correctly to indicate that everything is fine, however, it fails to launch. Again, there could be several reasons for such a behavior, but since you are not an expert, the prudent thing for you to do is simply call for a repair technician to have a look at it.

If you are running the modern models, then you could get a malfunction code on the display. It will be upon you to try and figure out what the code is all about. This is another reason why you shouldn’t attempt to troubleshoot on your own, but you need to call an expert to have a look at it. Even if you manage to understand the reason for the code, you may not be well-equipped to effect the repair.

Poor dishwashing

If your dishwasher is not going to give you clean dishes, then it means you are going to clean the dishes manually. As such, you are not going to enjoy the benefits of having a dishwasher since you will not enjoy the convenience and time-saving aspects of it. Poor dishwashing is another very common problem with Bosch brands of dishwashers.

The good news is that this is never a major issue, and if you can pinpoint the problem, then you can have it resolved in no time. The major culprit for this problem is usually when you set the incorrect mode of operation.

Also, when the nozzles are clogged, or if there is any form of breakage within the mechanical components of the machine, you are likely to end up with dirty dishes.

Extraneous noises coming off the washer

Strange noises can be pretty annoying when coming off your dishwasher. The greatest problem with such noises is that you never know their exact origin, and they could be potential pointers to very serious problems with your dishwasher.

Whenever you hear such strange noises coming from your machine, you should stop using the machine immediately. Turn it off and get in touch with your dishwasher repair technician so that they may come for troubleshooting. Since you don’t know the exact cause of the noises, if you continue to use the machine, you could end up with serious damages that might cost you lots of money for repairs.

The water is not heating

Again, this is another very common problem with Bosch dishwasher. You will try to have the dishes washed, but there will be no hot water for you. This is always a reason enough for you to get the help of a qualified technician. If you have a power supply to the unit but you are still not getting hot water, then it is always something to do with the ohmmeter.

Either, the ohmmeter is not working, or the thermostat has problems. All of these are fairly technical, and you will be better of calling for professional help instead of attempting to troubleshoot it by yourself.

The dishes are not drying

Another complaint you will get from those with Bosch dishwasher is poor drying of the dishes or the dishes not drying completely. Again, there is a myriad of reasons why this could be the case, and calling a Bosch dishwasher repairman is always inevitable. If your Bosch machine is fitted with a condensation-type dryer, then this is always the very first likely culprit.

Either there is a problem with the dryer, or there are some modes or internal issues that are making the dryer not work properly. There could also be problems with the machine’s electrical module for signal input that is causing the dryer not to act appropriately. Whatever the reason, only a qualified Bosch dishwasher repair technician can help you. Don’t attempt to troubleshoot such a problem on your own.

Think about regular inspection and maintenance

If you want to avoid running into any of the inconveniences stated above, then you need to observe proper care and maintenance of your Bosch dishwasher. The simplest and the easiest way to do this is to call for annual inspection and maintenance. It is during such inspections that you will have potential problems spotted and repaired before they become real problems.

You will get to avert most of these issues and enjoy all the benefits of your washing machine without any worries. Get hold of a qualified Bosch repair technician today and begin to schedule annual inspection and maintenance.

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