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Washing machines are a valuable modern necessity, they may not be glamorous but they are incredibly useful. In fact, you often don’t notice how useful a washing machine is until it suddenly stops working. Whether your washing machine isn’t cleaning your clothes like it used to or you find leaks after every cycle, don’t ignore the signs that something is wrong with your machine.

Your washing machine makes strange noises

All washing machines tend to vibrate, but if your washer is suddenly making loud or shrill noises that it wasn’t making before, it’s time to pay more attention. This can often be due to failed or rusty ball bearings that help move the drum or tub, or possibly worn belts (this may depend on the construction of your washer).

Some drums also have couplers that can break if overused and cause loud grinding noises.

Your washing machine does not work

If the washer does nothing, i.e. it does not run or make any noise when set to any cycle, it may not be receiving electrical power. If it has stopped when it should have gone to the next cycle, the machine’s overload protection device may have tripped.

Your washing machine is unstable

An unstable washing machine can make a pretty surprising racket and is not a good way to get clean clothes. If yours suddenly starts to wobble, the machine may not be level. Another likely scenario is that the washer drum is out of balance.

If you keep running the machine, you risk further damage! Your washing machine probably has a loose drum or motor mount, which can be resolved with a washer machine repairin Montreal.

The door does not open

A washing machine door is designed to be incredibly airtight, so when you’re confronted with a door that won’t open, it feels like trying to open a bank safe.

The drum does not turn

There are several possible causes for this problem, including worn brushes, drive belt problems, a faulty motor or control unit. You will need an engineer to determine exactly what is wrong. If you don’t have a regular repair person, research washer repair in Montreal.

The clothes are torn

No one wants their clothes to get ruined during a wash cycle, right? But if this happens to you, don’t panic because our technicians specializing in washing machine repair in Montreal can solve this problem so that it never happens again.Like many washing machine problems, clothes tearing can be caused by foreign objects getting stuck in the drum.

If you want to repair your washer machine quickly and efficiently, please contact our washer machine repair service at 514-519-3161. We are available 24/7.

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