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Samsung is one of the most reputable appliance manufacturers in the world. Its products are hailed for their efficiency, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. A Samsung dryer is one of those appliances by the manufacturer that you will find in millions of homes across the globe. But since they are efficient and long-lasting doesn’t mean that they can’t break down.

Occasionally, you might run into problems with your unit, causing you a little bit of discomfort at home. In this piece, we have highlighted some of the Samsung dryer repair problems you are likely to encounter with your unit. You should not that whenever you notice any of these problems, the best cause of action should always be to call for a Samsung appliance repair technician to come and offer the proper diagnostics.

The heating element burning out

One of the most common problems you are likely to encounter with a Samsung dryer is the heating element burning out. This is usually the element responsible for producing heat used to dry your clothes. It means that if it is having any issues, then, your clothes won’t dry at all or they won’t dry properly. If you had the technical know-how, all you need to do is remove the heating element and inspect the coils for any potential burnout.

However, the best thing do to when you realize that your clothes are not drying properly is to simply call for a Samsung appliance repair technician to come and check it out for you.

The dryer not getting hot at all

When the heating element burns out, your clothes may not dry at all or they may not dry properly, but the dryer will still be producing some heat. However, when the dryer is not getting hot at all, then this could be a pointer to a much bigger problem, with the thermal fuse being the major culprit. If indeed, the thermal fuse is the culprit in this case, then you have an incredibly dangerous situation and you need to call for technical help immediately.

This is because this is the element in the dryer that is responsible for detecting temperatures and avoiding instances of fires. For this reason, once you suspect that the thermal fuse is the problem, you need to call your appliance repair technician immediately for proper and quick diagnostics.

The drum rollers making a grinding noise

This is another common problem you are likely to encounter with a Samsung dryer. The good news is that it is one of the easiest problems to detect because you can easily pick up the screeching noises from the drums. There could be several reasons why you could be hearing such noises, but you are most likely to experience them when the drums are damaged or worn out such that they are not in a position to tumble freely, leading to the annoying grinding noise.

For you to confirm if the drums are worn out or damaged, you have to physically disassemble the drums for visual inspection. Since you may not have the skills or the tools to do so, the best thing for you to do is simply call a Samsung dryer repair technician to come and check it out and offer the necessary remedy. This is a fairly technical problem and you should not try to do it on your own, even if you think you can do it.

Dryer not spinning or turning

It is always frustrating to realize that your dryer stopped spinning suddenly or it is no longer turning. This is a problem known to occur at the least expected times, and it may mean that you will not have the convenience of using your dryer for some time.

Some of the reasons for this could be years of normal tear and wear on the drive belt, worn-out drum rollers, or issues with the support roller and axles. All these are fairly technical aspects of the machine, and unless you are experienced and certified in Samsung appliance repair, then you should not attempt to troubleshoot it on your own. The best that you can do is call for help from the experts so that they can get it resolved correctly and timely.

Your dryer is taking too long

You never have the time to wait for a whole day, but sometimes your dryer thinks that you have all the time to wait for it to dry your clothes. This is another classic problem you may encounter with Samsung dryers. There could be several reasons why it happens, but the major one is always problems to do with airflow.

Whenever the blower wheel becomes constricted, or the gas valve solenoid fails, you are most certainly going to experience long drying hours. Again, these are fairly technical problems that you can’t remedy on your own. Your best course of action is to call for expert help from your favorite Samsung dryer repair technician.

The dryer is overheating

Dryer overheating is always frustrating, and it is an issue that can be potentially dangerous to your Samsung appliance. Some of the major reasons why you may encounter this problem are if the heating element has been partially shorted out and if there is some form of obstruction in the heating element assembly. Problems with airflow in the vent may also be possible reasons why your dryer may overheat.

If you notice that your dryer is overheating, then you should be quick to call for expert help immediately. This is a problem that if not mitigated at the right time, may lead to additional damages that may make you pay expensively for repairs. This is not to mention that you may end up getting a new unit because you ignored the need to rectify the problem in good time.

The above are some of the common problems you are likely to encounter with your Samsung dryer. When they do happen, be sure to call expert repair technicians immediately. Don’t be tempted to fix them on your own. This may lead to problems you may not want to deal with.

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