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Nowadays, air conditioners are engineered in such a way that they produce very little noise. But, if the air conditioner is making disruptive and loud sounds, it will be a clear sign that the air conditioner is experiencing an issue and you need to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair service.

Different noises indicate different problems, and we have the expertise to fix those issues in the best possible manner.

Air Conditioning Systems and Different Types of Noises


  • Banging Noise: It indicates issues with the compressor where within the compressor parts loosen. Our experts have the necessary experience to recognize issues behind such noise and would be able to suggest the best remedial steps.
  • Screeching Sound: When our technicians hear a screeching sound, they know that the fan motor in the condenser unit present outside is malfunctioning. Another reason could be the compressor’s broken motor within the condenser system. Lastly, it could be the blower fan motor that is damaged. Fan motor’s damaged bearings and malfunctioning fan belts may also cause these sounds. We investigate all possible reasons for such sound and take steps to rectify them.
  • Humming Noise: If the contractor relay switch is defective then you will hear such sound. Our licensed technicians will thoroughly analyze the problem and take steps to fix the problem.
  • Buzzing Sound: If there are unbalanced or loose fan blades in the condenser unit then you will hear such a sound. Other issues resulting in this sound include condenser coils that are dirty, faults in the fan motor, or loose components. A refrigerant leak or obstructions close to the copper lines may also be the culprit for such sounds. Our experienced technicians have the needed competency to fix these problems.
  • Rattling Sound: If leaves, dirt, etc. are obstructing the condenser unit, then you will hear this sound. Our team will disassemble the unit and remove such obstructions to solve the problem. It could also be an electrical contractor that is damaged, and our technicians will take immediate steps to fix the problem before it starts damaging the compressor.
  • Clicking Sound: If the thermostat is malfunctioning, then such sound will arise. Our team will be able to easily diagnose such issues and suggest necessary remedial steps.
  • Hissing Noise: An air duct leak or a malfunctioning air filter or expansion valve will cause a hissing sound. Our technicians will be able to promptly trace the issue and take the necessary steps to solve it.

As we can see, your air conditioning system could be making noises for various reasons and such issues can only be properly traced by knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Our team is vastly experienced in this line of work and can solve any issue affecting your air conditioner.

Contact us for air conditioner repair and ensure that everything possible will be done to solve your problem.

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